If you are based in North East England up to 40% Government GRANT funding is available towards 3rd party costs on:

This means when you appoint us to carry out a project you get MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT to help your business grow.

The types of projects we carry out which are eligible for this funding includes:

Business Growth Planning

We will establish your business growth plan including budgets, cash flow & KPIs and empower you and your team with the ability to grow your business profitably.

System Improvements

Our expertise is wide ranging as we have over 20 years’ experience working in and growing small and medium sized businesses. Whether you want us to lead a system migration or to make improvements to a specific area we have your needs covered.

Financial Restructuring

We restructure you finance department to meet your business growth demands.

Training and mentoring

We currently deliver 3 mentoring programs which are eligible for funding:

Contact us now to discuss whether you project is eligible for free government money.