Proactive Furloughing (Part 2)

Covid 19 business update

We are still seeing a lot of businesses out there which are not “pro actively furloughing”.

Much of this seems to stem from the fact that many businesses still have “some work” for their employees and, as a result they are not being furloughed (as part time furloughing is not yet allowed).

However, if businesses do not act now (before the 10th June) and put underutilised employees on full furlough for the last 3 weeks of June, they will miss out on a huge cost reduction opportunity for July, August, September and October 2020.

We believe there are significant opportunities with senior management, administration, sales and marketing staff and significant opportunities to proactively use holidays during the fulough period – especially in the last 3 weeks of June 2020.

Its vital businesses get under-utilised employees on furlough between the 10th June and 30th June as they can then be brought back PART TIME FROM THE 1ST JULY – AND THE GOVERNMENT WILL SUBSTANTIALLY FUND these employees to the 31st October.