We regularly come across new clients who don’t realise that they still have to file dormant company accounts.

Even though a company has not traded your obligations as a director still apply and you must file your confirmation statement and company accounts on time each year. If you don’t then the company and it’s officers are liable to penalties.

Companies House Penalties are Real

Over the last three years Companies House has issued around 200,000 penalties which have generated just under £100 Million in revenue. This is substantial income for Companies House and something they will be happy to hold on to. If you don’t file your dormant accounts on time then the fines can be quite substantial.

Time after the deadlinePenalty
Up to 1 month£150
1 to 3 months£375
3 to 6 months£750
More than 6 months£1,500
Penalties for late filing of Private Limited Company Accounts (including Dormant Companies)

The penalty is doubled if you file late 2 years in a row.

Dormant Company Confirmation Statement

A company is still required to file a Confirmation Statement even if it has not traded and there has been no changes to it’s officers or structure. The Confirmation Statement must be filed within 14 days of the review period (normally 12 months after the last Confirmation Statement was filed). If you do not file your confirmation statement it is a criminal offence which may lead to serious consequences, such as compulsory strike off from the Companies House Register. In addition legal action could be taken against the company and its officers which can result in fines for the directors and director disqualification.

Can I appeal against a Fine for not Filing my Company Accounts?

Whilst you can appeal against a fine for not filing your Dormant Company Accounts it is highly unlikely that this appeal will succeed. Companies House state that appeals are unlikely to succeed if the late filing occurred for one of these reasons:

Your appeal is unlikely to be successful if it’s based solely on the examples below:

How can Stepchange Business Growth help?

Quite simply we take the hassle off you and prepare your dormant accounts and file your confirmation statement – leaving you time to get on with running your main business. Take our professional services here.