Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

If you’re ready to make your company more valuable, or if you’re looking for ways to invest in it, Stepchange Business Growth can help. We offer strategic planning facilitation services that will help you achieve your goals by facilitating a strategic planning process designed to maximise your growth and business valuation.

We know that sometimes it’s hard to see the wood through the trees—we’ve been there! We’ve seen companies struggle with a lack of vision, siloed teams, poor cultures, no staff succession plan, meetings after meetings and even teams going in the opposite direction. That’s where we come in!

We’ll help you establish a clear vision for your management team and cascade it throughout the company so everyone can work together toward a common goal. We’ll create an actionable plan that is tailored specifically for your company’s needs and goals so everyone knows what needs to be done when, how much effort it will take and how best they can contribute. And we’ll hold each other accountable along the way so nothing slips through the cracks!

How we facilitate Strategic Planning

We’ll begin by meeting with you and your team to understand what’s currently working, what isn’t and where your company wants to go. We’ll work together with you to create a custom strategic plan that works specifically for you and your team, outlining the steps needed to get there and how long each of those steps will take.

Working together we’ll clarify your organization’s vision and mission to create a strategic plan that truly aligns with your company’s values and what it stands for.

We’ll assess where your company is financially and where it needs to be, how its products and services compare to its competitors and explore opportunities with the supply chain.

We’ll help you build a culture where teams feel like they can make decisions and take action without having to check in with the boss first – a culture of collaboration so people feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves and that their contributions matter. We’ll ensure all teams have clear roles and responsibilities so no one is left wondering what to do next or how it fits into the bigger picture. We will also help you build a more cohesive team by creating a culture of collaboration and accountability.

We’ll also help you create processes that make your business more efficient, effective and productive. We’ll work with the teams to develop a road map that outlines how they can achieve their goals by identifying what needs to be done, when it needs to be done by, who will do it (and how much effort it will take), who needs this information first and so on.

We’ll be with you as long as you need us but our ultimate aim is for you and your team to have the confidence and ability to deliver long term strategic growth.

If you are ready for serious growth and you like our approach then let’s talk!