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About us

Mark Marsh ACA

 Mark Marsh ACA

Hi, I’m Mark. I’m the owner of Stepchange Business Growth Limited.

My passion is helping businesses grow and I’ve recognised that one of the main things holding them back is the lack of high level Financial and Commercial Skills within the businesses.

Unfortunately these gaps are generally “plugged” by advisory accountants who have never worked within an SME and this ultimately inhibits business growth.

I created Stepchange Business Growth to resolve these issues and provide businesses with cost effective BUSINESS GROWTH SERVICES which help companies scale faster, improve cash flow  and increase profits.

My partners and I each have 30 years of multi-sector SME experience, and experience in restructuring & financing SMEs for a profitable stepchange and scaleup in business growth.

We focus on long term relationships as opposed to short term fees and all of our solutions are all designed to ultimately increase your business valuation.