Get the very best from yourself with our Mentoring and Coaching Programmes

Our Business Finance Mentoring and Coaching programmes are designed to empower and improve confidence in Finance Directors, Financial Controllers and Managing Directors. Because we have over 25 years working as Finance Directors inside business we are well placed to get the best out of you – which will enable you to get the best out […]

Our Senior Finance Head Hunting and Recruitment USPs

Finance Director Recruitment

Because we are in the “thick of it” – working directly with and mentoring Finance Directors and Financial Controllers – and working with SMEs on Finance Projects we are best placed to find your next Head of Finance. We are so confident that we will find the right person for your business, we won’t even […]

Business needs to take a Fresh Look at Sales per Employee

Labour productivity in the UK is DIRE and languishes well behind the developed economies on the planet. Business owners are simply too busy to recognise this problem which is why they should engage SHORT TIME SUPPORT from a BATTLE HARDENED Finance Director to help them identify and resolve their productivity issues and put them a […]

Stepchange Business Growth is now a member of Tees Valley Business Club

We are delighted that we are now members of the Tees Valley Business Club. The Tees Valley Business Club is a well respected organisation which proactively supports and promotes growth in the Tees Valley. Find out more about how the club can help your business….

The ONE PAGE Business Strategy

Mark Marsh ACA Business Strategy

At Stepchange Business Growth we are experienced Finance Directors and as experienced Finance Directors we believe in keeping business simple. In our latest video we look at how a simple One Page Business Strategy can link Strategic Goals and Operational objectives and ensure business owners and senior managers are all following the same plan.

The wrong kind of finance can kill business growth!

We’ve just met another business which has been trapped in a bad finance deal. This time it’s a Confidential Invoice Discounting facility (CID). CID facilities can be great for bridging “cash flow timing” – particularly when cash is tied up in a mixture of debtors and stock. If they are utilised efficiently they can be […]

The Board Clock

The Board Clock It is essential that a Board Meetings follow a Medium Term Structure which is in line with the planning cycle and key drivers of the business. Board Meetings should always have a top-level view of the business, but the danger with small & medium sized businesses is that the Board get “dragged” […]


Great to see the #MBO of #QuantaEPC winning “the deal under £2.5M award” at the North East Dealmaker’s awards on the 26th September 2019. Stepchange’s very own Mark Marsh ACA was brought in to see this deal over the line and get the systems, staff, banking & refinancing in place. Thanks to Nick Oates, the new owner of Quanta EPC […]

The Iceberg named STOCK

If your business is always running out of money but it’s profitable and you are on top of debtors then you likely have a stock problem. Funny thing is…………. you probably think you don’t have enough stock! Whether you are a manufacturer or a distributor, stock (or at least the right stock) is the lifeblood […]

Ten ways to improve your business cash flow

1. Set and Monitor Cash Flow Targets If it isn’t measured – it isn’t managed. You’ll have heard this many times in business but its surprising how many businesses do not set cash flow targets or stop setting them after they believe the business is “safe”. I can’t stress highly enough that businesses of all […]