Setting Up a US company as a UK-Resident: Type of Business Entity

Type of Business Entity When starting a US business it is imperative that you understand how to structure your business entity. This area can be quite confusing for NON US residents (and even US residents) so to keep things simple we’ll focus on the two main types of business entity used by UK companies/ investors […]

Top Performing Finance Departments

Top performing finance departments are forward looking and much more cost effective than their peers. Automation of processes and removal of data entry duplication enables leaner, high performing departments to spend more time on analysis and business growth advice as opposed to data gathering and historical reporting. Activities such as budgeting and auditing are delivered […]

Creating and Implementing a Growth Strategy

Most of the 5.7 Million UK SMEs do not have a documented growth strategy. This makes it almost impossible for those businesses to make a successful and sustainable STEPCHANGE in growth. The reasons for a lack of strategy can be many but generally have the following themes: SME has a strong owner-manager. SME has few […]

Barclays announces £14.7bn fund to help UK SMEs

Barclays has announced a £14.7bn lending fund to help SMEs grow. The fund is aimed at SMEs at various stages of growth and development including those businesses which are making a STEPCHANGE in growth. Business lending offered includes: Business loans, commercial mortgages and overdrafts up to £250k working capital Cash flow funding for investment in […]

SME Fraud Risk

Most owners of SMEs making the Stepchange in growth don’t realise how susceptible their business is to fraud by an external party or an employee. In 2018 it was estimated that the financial cost of fraud for the UK was £110 billion and globally over £3 trillion. In fact, over half of UK businesses have […]

New CEO for North East Fund

A new CEO has taken charge of the £120M North East Fund. Jason Hobbs, who was previously the Funds Finance Director will oversee the Funds 5 activities: Innovation, Venture Capital, Mezzanine Capital Development, Growth Capital and Small Loans. Please CONTACT US to find out how these funds can help your Stepchange Growth.