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Business Forecast Model

Three Year Forecast Models to Drive Growth and Raise Investment

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A Robust Forecast will take your company from Seed to Success

Business Forecast Model

  • Excel based model specifically built for your business.
  • Includes profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow.
  • Sales and margins by product or service category.
  • Dashboard highlighting key trends.
  • Key performance drivers such as revenue per employee highlighted and scrutinised.

Why use Stepchange Business Growth's Business Forecast Model?

Budgets and forecast models are required to plan business growth and raise investment. If you don't have one then it is impossible to measure your business performance against it's objectives. Furthermore you will not be able to raise significant, low cost finance.

Using our service will ensure you have a model which fits with your understanding of your business and provide you with a financial road map for growth.

If you're interested in our Business Forecast Model then please contact us.