Data room

A Professional services which gets the deal done

I plan your data room in advance – don’t leave it to chance!


Data room Preparation Services

  • Virtual data room built and indexed around investor’s information requests.
  • Includes financial, commercial, legal and I.T information.
  • Data sanitised accordingly.
  • Data scrutinised and cross checked to prevent misleading or incorrect information being disclosed.
  • Prepared and indexed on our or your servers and can be uploaded to a third party server.
  • Fixed Fees starting from £7,500* – absolutely no surprises.


*excludes your third party data room hosting costs if required.

Why use Stepchange Business Growth’s Data room Preparation Services?

My data room preparation services are designed to mitigate risk in the investment or acquisition due diligence which will be carried out on your business. Acquisition due diligence is intense and if it goes wrong it can substantially impact on the valuation of your business.

Using my services will significantly support your business valuation, ensure there are no “deal breakers” and help the investor:

  • Validate their offer for your business.
  • Test the assumptions they have made in their valuation model.
  • Validate disclosures you have made in teasers, pitches and information memorandums.
  • Determine the amount of working capital required in the business.
  • Identify risks and contingent liabilities which may impact on the business valuation.

I offer these services in the North East of England and across the UK as a stand alone project. If you’re interested in utilising my skills in this area then I would love to here from you so please contact me.