My Finance Director Support is based on your business needs and can take many forms

Finance Director Support

Raising Growth Finance

Selecting the right amount and type of finance to support your business growth is essential.

Managing the refinancing requires total control of the numbers and complete understanding of the process and the variables.

My expertise and experience will ensure you avoid the pitfalls and fully exploit the opportunities.

Acquisition & Exit Support

Successful Acquisitions and Exits rely on well-informed planning, preparation and follow-through.

I offer experienced pre and post-acquisition financial management and support that will give your business the edge it needs to get the deal you want.

I work with businesses long term to develop an Exit Strategy which maximises stakeholder value.

Baseline Business Improvements

Adjustments to core financial activities will have a transformative effect on your whole business.

The creation of a financial reporting dashboard to enable improved stock and financial control can drive savings.

The overhaul of cash flow management can liberate cash and reduce pain while the implementation of a product pricing and profit review can sharpen margins.

Finance Department Development

Scaling or growing a business puts significant pressure on the finance function.

Problems will arise if it does not keep pace with the business.

I am well versed in the development and implementation of robust finance processes and digital systems to support the needs of a growing business.

Finance Director Support Cost

When the situation, activity and required outcome are clearly understood, I provide a succinct proposal based on an agreed price which keeps my proposals clear, realistic and cost-effective.

I offer Part Time Finance Director Support in the North East of England and across the UK. If you’re interested in utilising me as a Part Time FD to help grow your business then I would love to here from you so please contact me.