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Stepchange Financial Mentoring & Coaching Programmes

Whether you are a Financial Controller, Finance Director or a Business Owner - Stepchange Financial Coaching and Mentoring Programmes are designed to support key people who have financial duties and responsibilities.

Our programmes are delivered by an experienced Finance Director who enables business owners and MDs to get the very best from themselves, their team and their situation.


A finance role can be isolating because it is a very focused activity requiring accuracy and effort.

Just as atheletes and executives get great benefit from coaching so can finance professionals, when they are seeking to overcome obstacles and increase effectiveness.

Our coaching is a one-to-one process with a very experienced Finance Director. Because coaching focuses on the issues that are in the ‘here and now’, every session will deliver clearly identifiable results, in the financial areas such as people, planning and implementation.


Business owners and Managing Directors must, by definition, be great all-rounders.

Because effective money management is at the heart of any healthy business, it is vital that business owners can take control, implement the right processes and make the right financial decisions.

Our senior battle-hardened mentor has the financial knowledge, skills and experience which can be shared, and in doing so, guide a business owner toward being the very best they can be, financially.

All of our StepChange mentoring and coaching programmes are crafted to meet the requirements of the individual and the business.

They are delivered by face-to-face sessions with remote support between each session as required.

Fees vary depending on location, frequency and duration of each session and may be eligble for grant support of up to 40%.