What is an Information/ Investment Memorandum?

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‍ Information Memorandums (IMs) are basically confidential documents that companies use to sell their business or pitch their ideas for new businesses or investments to potential investors. They can be fairly technical, but also need to be written in a way that’s accessible and convincing. IMs are often used as part of a process called […]

A Guide To Using Virtual Data Rooms for Your Next Business Deal

Virtual dataroom

‍ Investors, suppliers and partners are all crucial for the success of a business. However, striking the right deal with any of these parties can be challenging. Virtual data rooms are quickly becoming an important tool for businesses operating in this space. They are essentially an online platform used by companies to share confidential documents […]

What is Strategic Planning Facilitation?

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level? If you’re ready to make your company more valuable, or if you’re looking for ways to invest in it, Stepchange Business Growth can help. We offer strategic planning facilitation services that will help you achieve your goals by facilitating a strategic planning process designed […]

Why Your Business Should Be Worried About Stagflation


Stagflation is a word that sends shivers down the spines of economists. It is a combination of two words: stag, which refers to stagnation, and inflation, which refers to rising prices. When combined, these words suggest that the economy will stagnate while also facing rising prices – a double whammy. Stagflation is uncommon and has […]

Recovery Loan Scheme (RSL) Relaunch August 2022

Strategic Planning Facilitation

The British Business Bank has announced today (July 20 2022) that a new version of the recovery loan scheme will open for applications in August 2022. Full details will not be available until August but it has been indicated that lenders will be encouraged to ask for personal guarantees from the borrowers despite the government […]

The cost of not filing Dormant Company Accounts

Dormant companies

We regularly come across new clients who don’t realise that they still have to file dormant company accounts. Even though a company has not traded your obligations as a director still apply and you must file your confirmation statement and company accounts on time each year. If you don’t then the company and it’s officers […]

The optimum salary for UK company directors in 2022/23

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To work out the most tax-efficient salary for limited company directors for 2022/23, you need to consider: The 2022/23 Income Tax and National Insurance thresholds. Whether your company can claim the Employment Allowance for the 2022/23 tax year. Your income from other sources. Does a director need to pay themselves salary? Directors are employees of […]

How to effectively facilitate a successful strategic planning process

Strategic Planning Facilitation

‍ When it comes to planning, companies of all sizes need help. Whether you’re a small business looking to develop your first strategy or a large company trying to find a new way forward after a period of change, strategic planning can provide the framework you need. Strategic planning is an essential process that many […]

Don’t get stressed over your Company Accounts

Company accounts

Sometimes you just need to take the stress off of your shoulders. That’s why we offer our Micro Company Accounts Solutions. We will prepare and file both your accounts and corporation tax for a fixed fee which won’t break the bank. With our solution, you’ll simply provide us with access to your system* and leave […]

Total Delivered Cost (and impact on cash flow)- Now more important than ever!

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Total Delivered Cost is now more important than ever for manufacturing businesses as employment costs increase for skilled people, input prices rise and overhead rates increase. If you are a manufacturing business and you do not know what your total delivered cost is for each product and you are not budgeting what it will increase […]